Magic Syracuse. What to see, how and where, if you only have a weekend at your disposal

Magic Syracuse: what to see, how and where if you only have a weekend at your disposal

Escape the weekend? Syracuse is what makes for you, amongst beautiful beaches, culinary specialties, and nightlife.

If you are planning an escape for just one weekend, and you can not get away from it because the holidays are still far away, prepare a small suitcase and go to Syracuse. One of the Sicilian cities to visit, small enough to see her all over a Saturday and Sunday.

What to see in Syracuse in two days

Syracuse offers many things to see, here we just list you 8, to let you choose what to do and how to move. But it’s worth seeing all 8 things in the list!


1. The beaches of Ortigia

The island of Syracuse is home to some of the city’s most important attractions, but if you go there in the summer you can not swim in one of the beaches. Crystal clear waters and spectacular scenery to be missed absolutely. When it’s too cold to bathe, let’s say in December, it’s still worth going to make wonderful photos.

2. Greek Theater of Syracuse

Between the rocky hills of the Temenite Hill, a little distant from the center of Siracusa, the Greek Theater is one of the most beautiful that antiquity has left us. The cavea is facing the sea and the whole theater still shows today. A theater that shows proud times, the signs of different domination, and it witnesses the different ways of living and interpreting the spaces.

3. The Duomo

This also like other monuments of Syracuse is hosted by the beautiful island of Ortigia. A symbol of the city, the religious building became part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005, so great is its wealth, cultural and architectural heritage. In addition to the Greek foundations, it is worth mentioning the façade, typical of baroque and rococo.

4. Dionysius’s ear.

It is an artificial grotto, funnel-shaped, excavated in limestone, about 23 meters high and 5 to 11 in width, with a singular shape, vaguely similar to an earpiece. It develops in depth for 65 meters, with an unusual S-shaped and sinuous walls that converge to the top, in a singular sixth acute. The cave is also equipped with exceptional acoustic properties (sounds are amplified up to 16 times). A marvel of human technique.

5. Castle Eurialo

Wanted by Dionysius I, Syracuse tyrant, stands on the highest point (120 meters above sea level) on the terrace of the Epipoli district, about 7 km from Siracusa, towards the hamlet of Belvedere. This imposing military work was built between 402 and 397 BC, with the aim of protecting the city from any military operations of siege or attack.

6. Shrine of Our Madonna of the Tears

The Sanctuary was erected in memory of the miraculous tearing of a plaster effigy depicting the Immaculate Heart of Mary, placed in the bedside of Iannuso’s spouses at their humble dwelling in via degli Orti in Syracuse in 1953. A typical Sicilian religion story Which from private and private becomes public and brilliant.

7. Water source of Aretusa

It is born of a spring of fresh water flowing to a few meters from the sea, in Ortigia Island. It forms a small semicircular pond full of fish where the green triumphs. At the Fonte Aretusa, plants of the only spontaneous papyrus present in Europe grow lushly.

8. Pantalica’s Rock Caverns

Pantalica is a naturalistic and archaeological site of the province of Siracusa. The name of the site appears to be derived from the Buntarigah Arabic, meaning caves, for the obvious presence of many natural and artificial caves. It is one of the most important Sicilian Protohistorical places, useful to understand the time of passage from the Bronze Age to Iron Age on the island. Do not miss for all the passionate people of ancient legends.

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